"Meant to overlook one of the city's gates, the mural painting of impressive size created by Laurentiu Dimisca on the Apa Nova tower is a delirious synthesis of the element of nature uniting individual urban places. A dream of matter, water flows through the Romanian artist's work through successive daydreams of transformation. The binding between all things (even from stones water flows once they turn to dust), water is seen here in a series of moments similar to the human formation. The knowledge of matter through the memory of water is an intimate knowledge, arcane and of an alchemical type since it is a knowledge through dream. That is why to the human eye, this flow of objects is not foreign, since it greedily receives the alteration of the inert from a need to purify, to sensually experiment with the purity of nature’s game. The people becoming fish are not only released from a natural condition, but they are transposed in a delirious space that is weightless. A touching return through elements of a game’s mythology to a natural state in which the images whisper and not shout like in the billboards of advertising in the urban anthill, a cosmic retreat of the human being burdened by deadlines." Cristian Cojanu Curator 1001 arte

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